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2014 Committees
Senate Standing Committee      
Confirmation Oversight Committee Resources Agenda
Statutory Joint Committees
Administrative Rules and Regulations      Resources
Corrections & Juvenile Justice Oversight
Robert G. (Bob) Bethell Home & Community
Based Services and KanCare Oversight
Information Technology (JCIT)                 Resources
Kansas Security                              
Legislative Budget
Legislative Post Audit
Pensions,Investments&Benefits(Joint KPERS) New graphic
Special Claims Against the State           Resources
State Building Construction  New graphic
State-Tribal Relations
Special Committees      
Ethics, Elections and Local Government  
Judiciary New graphic
Other Task Forces, Commissions, Committees
Capitol Preservation Committee              Resources
Health Care Stabilization Fund Oversight New graphic
Telecommunications Study CommitteeNew graphic
Kansas Electric Transmission Authority (KETA)New graphic
K-12 Student Performance & Efficiency Commission

K-12 Comm. Proposed Bill 1-Efficient Operation of Schools

K-12 Comm. Proposed Bill 2-Kansas Education Standards

  2013 Interim Activity

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