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House Agriculture and Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committees Pet Animal Act Topic Joint Meeting

Senator Dan Kerschen, Chairperson
Senator Alicia Straub, Vice-chairperson
Senator Mary Ware, Ranking Minority Member
Senator Larry Alley
Senator John Doll
Sen Michael Fagg
Senator Marci Francisco
Senator Carolyn McGinn
Senator Virgil Peck
Representative Ken Rahjes, Chairperson
Representative Eric L. Smith, Vicechairperson
Representative Sydney Carlin, Ranking Minority Member
Representative Suzi Carlson
Representative Brett Fairchild
Representative Linda Featherston
Representative Christina Haswood
Representative Trevor Jacobs
Representative Jim Minnix
Representative Lisa Moser
Representative Michael Murphy
Representative Joe Newland
Representative Boyd Orr
Representative Jason Probst
Representative Joe Seiwert
Representative Kent Thompson
Representative Rui Xu
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
Heather O'Hara
Elaina Rudder
Victoria Potts
Amelia Kovar-Donohue
Tamera Lawrence
Kyle Hamilton
Jessie Pringle
Committee Assistant

Study Topic

The Committees, in a joint meeting, are directed to:

  • Receive testimony from the Department of Agriculture and other stakeholders concerning a potential relocation (proposed in Governor's Budget Amendment No. 3, Item 15) of the Animal Facilities Inspection Program from the Division of Animal Health, to a separate, standalone Division within the Department of Agriculture.


Approved Meeting Days: 1 day

Committee Archive:

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