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2021 Joint Committee on Special Claims Against the State

Resources  •  Agenda/Minutes  •  Report

Sen. Brenda Dietrich, Chair
Sen. David Haley
Sen. Alicia Straub
Rep. Bradley Ralph, Vice Chair
Rep. Susan Humphries
Rep. Vic Miller
Rep. Mark Samsel
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
Murl Riedel
Milesha Segun
Meredith Fry
Mike Heim
Nick Myers
Adam Siebers
Committee Assistants
Connie Bahner
Melissa Lowrey


Review Claims Filed

        The Committee is required to:

Hold hearings on all claims filed by the statutory deadline of November 1, 2021, hear those claims carried over from the January 10, 2021 meeting, and make recommendations to the 2022 Legislature.

Approved Meeting Days: 4 days

Committee Archive:

Kansas Legislative Research Department - Room 68-W State Capitol Building, 300 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1504 -- Phone (785) 296-3181 -- kslegres@klrd.ks.gov