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2021 Special Committee on Child Support Enforcement and Collection

Senator Carolyn McGinn, Chairperson
Senator Molly Baumgardner
Senator Elaine Bowers
Senator Cindy Holscher
Senator Alicia Straub
Representative Susan Humphries, Vice Chairperson
Representative Tory Marie Arnberger
Representative Leo Delperdang
Representative Shannon Francis
Representative Jarrod Ousley
Representative Ponka-We Victors
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
Chardae Caine
Natalie Nelson
Steven Wu
Natalie Scott
Jason Thompson
David Wiese
Committee Assistant
Nancy Fontaine

Study Topic

The Committee is directed to:

  • Study child support enforcement and collection, with the objective of gaining a better understanding of the current process and contracts, as well as the impact of child support payment collections on Kansans within the system;
  • Review an evaluation conducted by Midwest Evaluation and Research, LLC, of the IV-D Program in 2020;
  • Hear testimony from the Office of the Judicial Administration; and
  • Hear from a Court Trustee on a non-IV-D perspective.
  • [Note: Provisions in 2021 SB 159 [Section 20 (b)] directed the Legislature to create an interim study committee on child support enforcement and collection.]


    Approved Meeting Days: 2 days

    Committee Archive:

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