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2021 Joint Committee on State-Tribal Relations

Agenda/Minutes  •  Report

Sen. Larry Alley, Chair
Sen. David Haley, Ranking Minority Member
Sen. Tom Holland
Sen. Dan Kerschen
Sen. Dennis Pyle
Rep. Randy Garber, Vice Chair
Rep. Francis Awerkamp
Rep. Christina Haswood
Rep. Ponka-We Victors
Rep. John Wheeler
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
Andrew Finzen
Jordan Milholland
Mike Heim
Jason Long
Chris Waggoner
Committee Assistant
Connie Burns


Approved Meeting Days:  * To date, no meeting days have been authorized.

Committee Archive:

Kansas Legislative Research Department - Room 68-W State Capitol Building, 300 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1504 -- Phone (785) 296-3181 -- kslegres@klrd.ks.gov