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2022 Special Committee on Taxation

Sen. Caryn Tyson, Vice-chairperson
Sen. Renee Erickson
Sen. Tom Holland
Sen. Virgil Peck
Sen. Gene Suellentrop
Rep. Adam Smith, Chairperson
Rep. Tom Kessler
Rep. Les Mason
Rep. Carl Turner
Rep. Mike Amyx
Rep. Vic Miller
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
Edward Penner
Lindsay Archer
Eric Adell
Adam Siebers
Amelia Kovar-Donohue
Charles Reimer
Committee Assistant

Study Topic

Study the current tax structure and requirements, including the effective implementation of the Kansas Constitution's requirement of statewide uniformity in assessment of property for ad valorem tax purposes, the continued necessity and utility of Kansas' membership in the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, the individual income taxation of retirement plan income and social security benefits, and any inactive taxing jurisdictions or unused tax provisions that may be ripe for repeal.

Approved Meeting Days: 2 days

Committee Archive:

Kansas Legislative Research Department - Room 68-W State Capitol Building, 300 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1504 -- Phone (785) 296-3181 -- kslegres@klrd.ks.gov