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KLRD staff members coordinate and help plan interim committee meetings and certain commissions and task forces that meet throughout the year.

During the regular legislative session, standing committees are coordinated and planned by committee assistants, who should be contacted through the office of the standing committee's chairperson.

Standing Committees are established by statute or by House or Senate Leadership that meet during the regular legislative session.

Interim Committees are either established by statute and meet outside the regular legislative session (e.g. joint committees, oversight committees, commissions, and task forces) or are created by Legislative Coordinating Council to review specified topics and legislation during the Interim.


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Sen. Carolyn McGinn, Co-chairperson
Sen. Rick Billinger
Sen. Tom Hawk
Sen. Mike Petersen
Sen. Pat Pettey
Sen. John Skubal

Rep. Richard Proehl, Co-chairperson
Rep. J. R. Claeys
Rep. Shannon Francis
Rep. Henry Helgerson
Rep. Adam Lusker
Rep. Troy Waymaster

Non-Legislative Members
Jim Allen, Johnson County Commissioner
Matt Allen, Economic Development Alliance
Mary Birch, Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City
Mike Brown, Johnson County Commissioner
Jon Daveline, Council member, City of Hutchinson
Max Dibble, Phillips County Commissioner
Lindsey Douglas, Union Pacific Railroad
Ty Dragoo, International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation   Workers
Chad Girard, Kansas Asphalt Pavement Association
Mike King, former Secretary of Transportation
Kenzil Lynn, American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas
Alise Martiny, Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council
Cameron McGown, American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas
Donald Roberts, Mayor, City of Edgerton
Andy Sanchez, AFL-CIO
Steve Sloan, Kansas Aggregate Producers' Association
Kip Spray, Kansas Contractors Association
Bridgette Williams, Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City
Jerry Younger, Kansas Aggregate Producers Association

Ex Officio Members
Richard Carlson, Secretary of Transportation
Steve Hewitt, Chief Executive Officer, Kansas Turnpike Authority
Jackie McClaskey, Secretary of Agriculture
Sam Williams, Secretary of Revenue

Kansas Legislative Research Dept.
Jill Shelley
Aaron Klaassen
Whitney Howard
Katelin Punelli
Jessa Farmer

Office of Revisor of Statutes
Adam Siebers
Chris Waggoner


     The mission of the Joint Legislative Transportation Vision Task Force shall be as follows:

  • Evaluate the progress of the 2010 transportation works for Kansas program to date;
  • Evaluate the current system condition of the state transportation system, including roads and bridges;
  • Evaluate current uses of the state highway fund dollars, including fund transfers for other purposes outside of infrastructure improvements;
  • Identify additional necessary transportation projects, especially projects with a direct effect on the economic health of the state of Kansas and its residents;
  • Make recommendations regarding the needs of the transportation system over the next ten years and beyond;
  • Make recommendations on the future structure of the state highway fund as it relates to maintaining the state infrastructure system; and
  • Make and submit reports to the legislature concerning all such work and recommendations of the task force. All such reports shall be submitted to the Legislature on or before January 31, 2019.

     Additionally, the co-chairpersons shall schedule and organize meetings whose purpose is to solicit local input on existing uncompleted projects and future projects in each highway and metropolitan district. The meetings shall be open meetings and such meetings shall be held at least eight times, including at least one meeting in each department of transportation district and the Wichita and Kansas City metropolitan areas.

Approved Meeting Days: 12 days

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