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2020 Special Committee on Mental Health Modernization and Reform

Resources  •  Agenda/Minutes  •  Report

Senator Carolyn McGinn, Vice-chairperson
Senator Larry Alley
Senator Dan Kerschen
Senator Pat Pettey
Senator Mary Jo Taylor
Representative Brenda Landwehr, Chairperson
Representative Tory Arnberger
Representative Barbara Ballard
Representative Elizabeth Bishop
Representative Will Carpenter
Representative Megan Lynn
Representative Adam Smith
Representative Rui Xu
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
David Fye
Marisa Bayless
Melissa Renick
Eileen Ma
Scott Abbott
Jenna Moyer
Committee Assistant
David Long

Study Topic

The Committee is directed to analyze the state's behavioral health system to ensure that both inpatient and outpatient services are accessible in communities, review the capacity of current behavioral health workforce, study the availability and capacity of crisis centers and substance abuse facilities, assess the impact of recent changes to State policies on the treatment of individuals with behavioral health needs; and make recommendations on steps needed to make Kansas a nationwide leader on behavioral health delivery, specifically focusing on how Kansas should modernize its behavioral health delivery system. The Committee shall solicit input from the following:

  • Judicial Branch Court Services Officer recommended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kansas;
  • A representative recommended by the Commissioner of Education;
  • Kansas Department for Health and Environment cabinet official recommended by the Governor;
  • One Sheriff and one Chief of Police recommended by the Attorney General;
  • Children's Alliance of Kansas representative;
  • Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals drug and alcohol addiction treatment provider;
  • Association of Community and Mental Health Centers of Kansas representative with clinical or medical expertise;
  • Kansas Hospital Association representative with clinical or medical expertise;
  • A person with lived experience with mental illness or who has provided assistance to an individual living with a mental illness recommended by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;
  • The parent of a child with a mental illness recommended by the President of the Senate;
  • A former or current superintendent of a Kansas state mental health hospital;
  • Current Executive Director of a community mental health center recommended by the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas;
  • Health insurance company representative recommended by the Commissioner of Insurance;
  • Kansas County and District Attorneys Association representative;
  • Kansas Health Information Network representative;
  • Medicaid Director for the State of Kansas; and
  • Chairperson of the Governor's Behavioral Health Services Planning Council.

Approved Meeting Days: 6 days

Committee Archive:

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