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Alvin Sykes Cold Case DNA Task Force

Agenda/Minutes  •  Report

Senator Kellie Warren, Co-Chairperson
Senator David Haley
Representative Fred Patton, Co-chairperson
Representative John Carmichael
Non-Legislative Members  
Alice Craig
Audrey Cress
Darrin Devinney
Justin Edwards
Jeff Hahn
Brian Hill
Robert Jacobs
Robert Lee
Reid Nelson
Jacquelyn Rokusek
Cory Sheedy
Kansas Legislative Research Dept. Office of Revisor of Statutes
Natalie Nelson
Robert Gallimore
Aaron Klaassen
Gabrielle Hull
Jason Thompson
Natalie Scott
Committee Assistant
Connie Bahner


As directed by 2020 Supp. 21-6901 (as amended by provisions of 2021 HB 2077, which updated the name and duration of the former Kansas Closed Case DNA Task Force), this task force, in consultation with practioners and experts, is to develop a plan to ensure uniform statewide policies and procedures that address, at minimum:

  • Timely receipt of the data relating to hits to the combined DNA index system (CODIS) from the forensic laboratory;
  • Directly connecting the data relating to the hits to the CODIS to the relevant case file;
  • Proper policies and procedures to ensure all hits are accounted for and followed up on;
  • Procedures to address how the key parties can conduct a reasonable and timely investigation into the significance of the hit; and
  • Sharing the hits in data from both solved and unsolved cases with other key parties, including the relevant prosecutors offices, the original defense attorney and the last known attorney of record, crime victims and surviving relatives, and a local organization that litigates claims of innocence.

The Task Force is required to complete a plan for implementation of a protocol relating to hits to closed cases by October 1, 2021. On or before December 1, 2021, the Task Force is to submit a report containing a plan for uniform implementation of the protocol throughout the state.


Approved Meeting Days: 2 days

Committee Archive:

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