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2021 Briefing Book

2021 Briefing Book - complete publication
Download the PDF here.

Content Sections:

  • Special Section: COVID-19
    • The COVID-19 Pandemic in Kansas
  • A. Agriculture and Natural Resources
    • A-1 State Water Plan Fund, Kansas Water Authority, and State Water Plan
    • A-2 Alternative Meat Products
    • A-3 Raw Milk
  • B. Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development (PDF)
    • B-1 Statewide STAR Bond Authority
    • B-2 Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
    • B-3 Department of Commerce - COVID-19 Assistance
  • C. Education (PDF)
    • C-1 Career Technical Education in Kansas
    • C-2 Mental Health Intervention Team Pilot Program
    • C-3 School Finance-Recent Legislative Changes
  • D. Elections and Ethics (PDF)
    • D-1 Election Security
    • D-2 Kansas Open Meetings Act
    • D-3 Kansas Open Records Act
    • D-4 Voter Registration and Identification
  • E. Federal and State Affairs (PDF)
    • E-1 Carrying of Firearms
    • E-2 Legalization of Medical and Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp
    • E-3 Liquor Laws
    • E-4 Lottery, State-owned Casinos, Parimutuel Wagering, and Tribal Casinos
    • E-5 Red Flag Laws
    • E-6 Sports Wagering
    • E-7 Tobacco 21
  • F. Financial Institutions and Insurance (PDF)
    • F-1 Consumer Credit Reports and Security Freezes
    • F-2 Kansas Health Insurance Mandates
    • F-3 Payday Loan Regulation and Update on Small Dollar Lending in Kansas
  • G. Health and Social Services (PDF)
    • G-1 Improving the Workforce Within the Child Welfare System
    • G-2 Reimbursement Rates Under the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waivers
    • G-3 Impact of COVID-19 on Telehealth Advances
    • G-4 Mental Health Services in Kansas
  • H. Judiciary, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice (PDF)
    • H-1 Adoption of Minors: Statutory Overview
    • H-2 Juvenile Services
    • H-3 Kansas Prison Population, Capacity, and Related Facility Issues
    • H-4 Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System
    • H-5 Sentencing Overview and Criminal Justice Reform Issues
    • H-6 Uniform Laws
    • H-7 Kansas Emergency Management Act
  • I. Redistricting (PDF)
    • I-1 Introduction to Redistricting
    • I-2 Redistricting Legislation Across the Country
  • J. State and Local Government (PDF)
    • J-1 Administrative Rule and Regulation Legislative Oversight
    • J-2 Board of Indigents' Defense Services
    • J-3 Home Rule
    • J-4 Kansas Public Employees Retirement System's Retirement Plans and History
    • J-5 Senate Confirmation Process
    • J-6 State Employee Issues
  • K. State Budget (PDF)
    • K-1 District Court Docket Fees
    • K-2 Introduction to State Budget
    • K-3 Kansas Laws to Eliminate Deficit Spending
  • L. Taxation (PDF)
    • L-1 Homestead Program
    • L-2 Selected Tax Rate Comparisons
    • L-3 Kansas Property Tax Cycle
  • M. Transportation (PDF)
    • M-1 The Relationship between KTA and KDOT
    • M-2 State Highway Fund Receipts and Transfers
    • M-3 State Motor Fuels Taxes and Fuel Use
  • N. Utilities and Energy (PDF)
    • N-1 Broadband Expansion
    • N-2 Electric Utility Rates
  • O. Veterans, Military, and Security (PDF)
    • O-1 Cybersecurity
    • O-2 Veteran and Military Personnel Benefits
    • O-3 Disaster Declarations
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