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KLRD staff members coordinate and help plan interim committee meetings and certain commissions and task forces that meet throughout the year.

During the regular legislative session, standing committees are coordinated and planned by committee assistants, who should be contacted through the office of the standing committee's chairperson.

Standing Committees are established by statute or by House or Senate Leadership that meet during the regular legislative session.

Interim Committees are either established by statute and meet outside the regular legislative session (e.g. joint committees, oversight committees, commissions, and task forces) or are created by Legislative Coordinating Council to review specified topics and legislation during the Interim.



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Sen. Jeff King, Chairperson
Sen. Anthony Hensley
Sen. Mitch Holmes
Sen. Laura Kelly
Sen. Ty Masterson

Rep. Steven Johnson, Vice-chairperson
Rep. John Alcala
Rep. John Edmonds
Rep. Dan Hawkins
Rep. Jerry Henry
Rep. Charles Macheers
Rep. Gene Suellentrop
Rep. Ed Trimmer

Kansas Legislative Research Dept.
Reed Holwegner
Mark Dapp
J.G. Scott

Office of Revisor of Statutes

Gordon Self
David Wiese

Suzanne Nelson, Committee Assistant


Monitor, Review and Make Recommendations Regarding the Retirement System

  • Legislation enacted during the 2016 Legislative Session affecting the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System;
  • The overall funding ratio for the Retirement System; and
  • Various reports statutorily required to be submitted by KPERS and other state agencies to the Joint Committee.

Approved Meeting Days: 1 day

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