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KLRD staff members coordinate and help plan interim committee meetings and certain commissions and task forces that meet throughout the year.

During the regular legislative session, standing committees are coordinated and planned by committee assistants, who should be contacted through the office of the standing committee's chairperson.

Standing Committees are established by statute or by House or Senate Leadership that meet during the regular legislative session.

Interim Committees are either established by statute and meet outside the regular legislative session (e.g. joint committees, oversight committees, commissions, and task forces) or are created by Legislative Coordinating Council to review specified topics and legislation during the Interim.


 Agenda/Minutes         Report

Sen. Rob Olson, Co-chairperson
Sen. Mike Petersen
Sen. Tom Hawk

Rep. Joe Seiwert, Co-chairperson
Rep. Randy Garber
Rep. Annie Kuether

Non-Legislative Members
Kurt David
Daniel Friesen
Patrick Fucik
Colin Hansen
John Idoux
Colleen Jamison
Catherine Moyer
Lon Pishny
Rob Reynolds
Eric Sartorius
Doug Shepherd

Ex Officio Members
Christine Aarnes
Richard Felts
Jennifer Findley
Ann Mah
Larry Thompson

Kansas Legislative Research Dept.
Erica Haas
Heather O'Hara
James Fisher
Karen Kapusta-Pofahl
Steven Wu

Office of Revisor of Statutes
Matt Sterling
Nick Myers

Michael Welton, Committee Assistant


     Senate Sub. for HB 2701 (2018) directs the Task Force to:

  • Work collaboratively to develop an approach that includes, but is not limited to, the development of criteria for the creation of a statewide map for defining and evaluating the broadband needs of Kansas citizens, business, industries, institutions, and organizations;
  • Identify and document risks, issues, and constraints associated with a statewide broadband expansion project and to develop any corresponding risk mitigation strategies where appropriate;
  • Consider any recent actions by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) relating to broadband services including, but not limited to:

    • The 2018 Broadband Deployment Report;

    • Recommendations of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee; and

    • Any actions to implement broadband initiatives using the Connect
      America Fund Phase II, the Mobility Fund II, or the Remote Areas Fund;
  • Identify opportunities and potential funding sources to:

    • Expand broadband infrastructure and increase statewide access to broadband services;

    • Remove barriers that may hinder deployment of broadband infrastructure or access to broadband services; and

    • Consider options for the deployment of new advanced communication technologies;

  • Develop criteria for prioritizing the expansion of broadband services across Kansas;
  • Review current law and regulations concerning access to the public right-of-way for public utilities and make corresponding recommendations for any changes necessary to encourage broadband deployment; and
  • Propose future activities and documentation required to complete the statewide broadband expansion plan, including an upgradeable, functional map of the state of available broadband service, as well as including which technologies should be deployed and the methods to finance broadband expansion.

Approved Meeting Days:  2 days

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