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Conference Committee Report Briefs 2017-2018

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H Sub. for SB 56 Information Technology; Cybersecurity

H Sub. for SB 179 Juvenile Crisis Intervention Centers; Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children; Definitions; Interested Parties; Placement; Permanency Plan; Adoption; Newborn Infant Protection Act; Definitions; Relinquishment; Immunity; Parental Rights

SB 180 Law Enforcement; Disclosure of Files Related to Previous Employment; Kansas Law Enforcement Training Act; Central Registry of Police Officers and Law Enforcement Officers; Commission on Peace Officersí Standards and Training; Kansas Open Records Act

SB 199 Supersedeas Bonds

SB 217 Statutory References; Health Care Stabilization Fund Board of Governors; Executive Reorganization Order No. 41

SB 260 Audit; Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit; Statewide Contract Audit; Department of Administration; Kansas Lottery; Kansas Public Employees Retirement System; Kansas Lottery Audit Contract Committee; Chief Information Technology Officer; Information Technology; 911 Coordinating Council

SB 261 Docket Fees; Marriage Licenses; Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act; Crime Victims Compensation Board; Appointment of Appraisers

SB 266 Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act; Conditional Release; Annual Review; Final Discharge

Sub. for SB 272 Waste Collection; Length Limit; Weight Limit; Emergency Vehicle; School Bus; Golf Cart; Traffic Laws

SB 282 Controlled Substances; Cannabidiol

SB 284 Adoption; Adoption Protection Act; Child Placement Agency; Religious Beliefs; Kansas Adoption and Relinquishment Act; Definitions; Consent; Foreign and Out-of-State Adoptions; Payments; Access to Records; Advertising; Venue; Jurisdiction; Background Information; Assessments; Notice; Hearing; Termination of Parental Rights; Adult Adoptions

SB 296 Economic Development; Tax Credit; HPIP; STAR Bonds

H Sub. for SB 307 Amusement Rides; Kansas Amusement Ride Act; Antique Amusement Ride; Limited-Use Amusement Rides; Agritourism

SB 310 Amusement Rides; Kansas Amusement Ride Act; Antique Amusement Ride; Limited-Use Amusement Rides; Agritourism

SB 328 Security; Security Operations; Correctional Facility; Juvenile Correctional Facility

SB 331 Wildlife and Parks; Boards; Committees; Commissions; Taxation

SB 335 State Banking Code; Savings and Loan Associations and Savings Banks; Mutual Banks; Kansas Money Transmitter Act

H Sub. for SB 336 Public Records; Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children; Disclosure of Information Regarding Child Fatalities or Near Fatalities; Kansas Open Records Act; Continuation of Exceptions; Disclosure of Audio or Video Recordings Made and Retained by Law Enforcement; Redaction of Social Security Numbers

SB 348 Insurance, Electronic Delivery as Standard Method, State Employees Health Care Commission, Amino Acid-Based Elemental Formula, Legislature

H Sub. for SB 374 DUI; Judiciary; Commercial DUI; Breath Test Refusal

SB 375 Highway Designations; Commemorative Signs; Troopers

H Sub for SB 391 Transportation Task Force; Legislature; KDOT

SB 449 Economic Development; Tax Credits; Evaluation


S Sub. for HB 2028 Kansas Telemedicine Act; Insurance Coverage Parity; Medicaid

HB 2067 Taxation; Income Tax; Savings Accounts

HB 2111 Taxation; Sales Tax; Motor Vehicle Rebates

Sub. for HB 2194 Kansas Lottery Act; Lottery; Lottery Ticket Vending Machine; Lottery Machine; Lottery Ticket; Lottery Operating Fund; State Debt Setoff Program; Debt Setoff; Community Crisis Stabilization Centers Fund; Clubhouse Model Program Fund; Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

S Sub. for HB 2228 Taxation; Income Tax

HB 2280 Administrative Rules and Regulations; Division of the Budget; Business; Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations; State Rules and Regulations Board; Audit; Economic Impact

S Sub. for S Sub. for HB 2386 Licensing; Licensure; Background Checks; Adult Care Homes; Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services; Drug Screening; Kansas Commission on Veterans' Affairs Office; State Agencies

HB 2438 911 Coordinating Council; Legislative Division of Post Audit; Audit

HB 2458 Counterfeit Currency; Mistreatment of a Dependent Adult; Mistreatment of an Elder Person; Assault and Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer; Fugitive; Escape from Custody; Possession of THC; Possession of Marijuana; Drug Abuse Treatment Program; Possession of a Controlled Substance

HB 2470 Alcohol; Alcoholic Candy and Confectionery Products; Microbreweries; On-Premises Sale of Certain Large Containers of Beer for Off-Premises Consumption; Farm Wineries; Microbreweries; Microdistilleries; Alcohol Sales hours; Self-Service Dispensers; Self-Service Automated Devices

HB 2476 Kansas Open Records Act; Uniform Commercial Code; Public Records; Secretary of State

HB 2479 Criminal Procedure; Habeas Corpus Proceedings; Juror Contact; Grand Jury Proceedings

HB 2482 Boycott; Contract; Procurement; Israel

HB 2488 Automated Sales Suppression Devices, Criminal Law

HB 2511 Townships; Transportation; Traffic Signs; Highway Improvement Fund

HB 2523 Sheriff Qualifications; Kansas Law Enforcement Training Act; Definition of Crime of Domestic Violence; Unlawful Sexual Relations; Law Enforcement Officer

HB 2539 Elections; Candidate Qualifications; Advance Voting; Election Audits; Perjury

HB 2542 Postsecondary Education; Out-of-State Postsecondary Education Institutions; Fees; Sunset; Kansas Board of Regents; Performance-Based Budgeting

Sub. for HB 2556 Technology; State Government; Public Safety; Communication; Interoperability

HB 2571 Arbitration; Trusts; Judiciary; Uniform Arbitration Act; Uniform Trust Code

HB 2577 Kansas Right-to-Know Fee Fund; Emergency Planning; Emergency Response

HB 2579 Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment; Compensation; Juror Contact

HB 2583 Noxious Weeds; Secretary of Agriculture; State Noxious Weed Advisory Committee; Weed Supervisor; Chemical Materials; Administrative Rules and Regulations; Legislature

HB 2597 Counties; Cemeteries; City Governing Bodies; Cities

S Sub. for HB 2600 Nuclear Energy Development and Radiation Control Act; Maternal Deaths; Palliative Care and Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council; State Palliative Care Consumer and Professional Information and Education Program

Sub. for HB 2602 Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia; Education

HB 2606 Driverís License; Testing; Optometrist; License Renewal; Motorcycle; Class M License; Commercial Driverís License (CDL); Vision

HB 2642 Elections; Social Media; Attribution; Office of the Secretary of State; Campaign Finance Report; Lobbyist Reporting

S Sub. for HB 2701 Broadband; Internet; Task Force




SB 14 Limited Lines Insurance; Self-storage Units; Fingerprinting of Resident Insurance Agents

SB 16 Internationally Active Insurance Groups; Sale of Service Contracts; Reinsurance; Insurance Holding Company Act

SB 19 K-12 Education; School Finance

H Sub. for SB 21 Working After Retirement; Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

SB 23 Consolidation; Office of the Securities Commissioner; Insurance Department; Attorney General; Prosecutorial Functions

SB 30 Income Tax; STAR Bonds

H Sub. for SB 40 Human Trafficking

H Sub. for SB 42 Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code; Required Findings; Absconding; Immediate Intervention Program; Database; Sentencing; Placement; Offense Committed with Firearm; Time Limits; Earned Discharge; Immunity; Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee; Evidence-Based Program Account of the State General Fund

SB 46 Water Conservation Areas; Water Right; Diversion of Water; Chief Engineer

H Sub. for SB 60 Agriculture; Pesticides; Fertilizer; Milk; Cream; Dairy; Dam; Inspection; Pet Animal; Fees

SB 89 Fees; County Treasurers; Division of Vehicles; Seat Belts; Fines

H Sub. for SB 101 Protective orders; Protection from Abuse Act; Protection from Stalking Act; Sexual Assault; Notification of Sexual Assault Examination of a Minor Child; Crime Victims Compensation Board; Claims for Victim Compensation; Infectious Disease Testing

SB 112 Crimes and Criminal Procedure; Aggravated Domestic Battery; Strangulation; Domestic Battery; Drug Paraphernalia; Burglary; Cruelty to Animals; Dog Fighting; Law Enforcement Protection Act; Expungement; Illegal Sentences; Postrelease Supervision for Persons Convicted of Sexually Violent Crimes; Custodial Interrogations

H Sub. for SB 126 Child Welfare; Task Force

SB 149 Attorney General; Appeals; Briefs; Legal Representation Charges; Legal Services; State Agencies; Attorney General's State Agency Representation Fund; Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act; Database; Enforceability Delays; Civil Penalties; Department of Health and Environment; Office of the Inspector General; Transfer


S Sub. for HB 2026 Kansas Program of Medical Assistance; Managed Care Organizations; External Independent Third-Party Review Process

HB 2041 Judicial Surcharge; Docket Fees; Debts to Courts; Restitution; Collection Costs; Reinstatement Fees; Judicial Branch Nonjudicial Salary Adjustment Fund; Division of Vehicles Operating Fund; Community Alcoholism and Intoxication Programs Fund; Juvenile Alternatives to Detention Fund

S Sub. for HB 2053 Crisis Intervention Act; Mental Health; Judiciary; Behavioral Health; Law Enforcement; Emergency Observation and Treatment; Crisis Intervention Center; Care and Treatment Act for Mentally Ill Persons; Care and Treatment Act for Persons with an Alcohol or Substance Abuse Problem

HB 2054 Employment Security Law; Disclosure of Information; Public Officials; Kansas Sentencing Commission; Data Sharing; Law Enforcement Training Act; Definitions; Conviction; Secretary of Corrections; Law Enforcement Assistance; Fee Funds

HB 2079 EMS Medicaid Reimbursement; Supplemental Medicaid Reimbursement; Intergovernmental Transfer Program; HMO Privilege Fee; MCO Privilege Fee; Newborn Screening Fund; Medical Assistance Fee Fund; Community Mental Health Center Improvement Fund

HB 2080 Benefit Units; Motor Vehicles; Rural Water Districts; Water District Vehicle Registration

HB 2085 Driving Under the Influence; Ignition Interlock Devices; Expungement

HB 2092 Probation Revocation; Intermediate Sanctions; Dispositional Departures; Arrest Warrants; Probable Cause Affidavits; Disclosure; Mandatory Minimum Sentences; Capital Murder; First Degree Premeditated Murder; Sentencing for Person with Intellectual Disability; Criminal History; Juvenile Adjudications; Decay; Grand Juries; Petition; Appeals

HB 2095 Vehicle Weight; Nondivisible Loads; Agricultural Products

HB 2096 Bus on Shoulder; Transit; Eldon K Miller Memorial Highway

HB 2128 Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act; Annual Review; Transitional Release; Conditional Release

HB 2153 Public Benefit Corporations; General Corporation Code; Judiciary

HB 2158 Elections; Advance Ballots; Polling Place Change Notifications; Write-in Candidates; Campaign Contribution and Other Reports; E-mail Addresses

HB 2170 Bicycle; Traffic Safety; Lighting

HB 2212 Tax; Sales Tax Remittances; Property Tax Exemptions

HB 2213 Private and Out-of-State Postsecondary Educational Institution fees; Post-secondary Technical Education Authority

Sub. for HB 2230 Taxation; Cigarettes; Master Settlement Agreement; Electronic Cigarettes

HB 2280 Rules and Regulations; Economic Impact; Business; Cost; State Agency; Environmental Benefit; Minority Member

HB 2301 Open Meetings; Governor's Domestic Fatality Review Board; Public Records; Open Records; Jurors; Open Records Exceptions; KORA; KOMA; Closed Meetings; Executive Meetings

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