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Conference Committee Report Briefs 2015-2016

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Sub. for SB 22 Kansas Open Records Act; Criminal Investigation Records; Law Enforcement; Audio Recordings; Video Recordings; Body Camera; Vehicle Camera; Public Records; Private Persons; Open Records Exceptions Review; Charitable Gaming Information

H Sub. for SB 128 Courts; Municipal Courts; Filling Judicial Vacancies; Kansas Open Records Act; Kansas Open Meetings Act

H Sub. for SB 149 Taxation; Sales Tax; Income Tax; School Districts

H Sub. for SB 168 KPERS; KP&F; Working After Retirement; Final Average Salary

H Sub. for SB 193 Freedom from Unsafe Restraint and Seclusion Act

H Sub. for SB 227 Economic Development; Environmentally Contaminated Property; Liability; Cleanup Costs; Contaminated Property Redevelopment Act; Certificate of Environmental Liability Release; Kansas Department of Health and Environment

SB 248 Title X Funding; Family Planning Services

H Sub. for SB 249 Omnibus Appropriations Bill; Budget

H Sub. for SB 280 Taxation; Property Tax; Board of Tax Appeals

SB 318 Utilities; Kansas Electric Transmission Authority

SB 319 Civil Procedure; Small Claims Venue; Motions to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct a Sentence; Manifest Injustice; Public Speech Protection Act; Protection from Stalking Act; Drones

Sub. for SB 323 Education; Special Education; School Finance; Deafness

SB 325 Corrections; Postrelease Supervision; Parolees; Searches

SB 326 Microbrewery Production Limits; Microbrewery Licensees; Production of Hard Cider; Farm Wineries; Residency Requirements

H Sub. for SB 337 Water Appropriation Act; Chief Engineer; Division of Water Resources; Kansas Department of Agriculture; Annual Water Use Report; Rules and Regulations; Groundwater Management Districts

SB 366 Local Government; Regulation; Inspection; Real Estate; Rental Property; Nutrition Labeling; Labor

SB 367 Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code; Juvenile Offenders; Case Length Limits; Probation Length Limits; Cumulative Detention Limits; Graduated Responses; Reintegration Plans; Immediate Intervention; Multidisciplinary Team; Alternative Adjudication; Youth Residential Facilities; Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee; Training; Grants; Juvenile Alternative to Detention Fund; Kansas Juvenile Justice Improvement Fund; Community Integration Programs; Kansas Department of Corrections; Earned Time; Earned Discharge; Supervision Fee; Jurisdiction; Juvenile Offender Information; Juvenile Taken Into Custody; Criteria for Detention; Jail Placement; Extended Detention; First Appearance; Prosecution as Adult; Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction Prosecution; Post-Adjudication Orders and Hearings; Sentencing Alternatives; Juvenile Correctional Facilities; Modification of Sentence; Placement Matrix; Probation or Placement Condition Violations; Departure Sentencing; Conditional Release; Notification of Pending Release; School Safety and Security Act; Reporting; School District Memorandum of Understanding; Juvenile Intake and Assessment; Juvenile Corrections Advisory Boards; Code for Care of Children; Secure Facility; Juvenile Detention Facility

SB 373 Turnpike; Toll; Vehicle Registration; County Treasurer

SB 387 Pooled Money Investment Board; Budget Reports

SB 388 Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

SB 390 Financial Institutions; Savings Accounts; Credit Union Administrator; State Bank Commissioner

H Sub. for SB 402 Eligibility for Public Assistance; Step Therapy for Prescription Medications in Medicaid; HOPE Act

SB 418 Host Families Act; Temporary Care of Children; Power of Attorney; Family Law Code; Domestic Violence Offender Assessment; Certified Batterer Intervention Program; Code for Care of Children; Secretary for Children and Families; Human Trafficking; Commercial Sexual Exploitation of a Child; Missing Children; Interstate Compact for Juveniles; Runaways; Law Enforcement Officers; Permanency Hearings; Planned Permanent Arrangements; Assessment; Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard; Medicating a Child; County and District Attorneys; Access to Official File and Social File; Juvenile Justice Code

SB 449 Kansas Department on Aging and Disability Services Statutes Update; Facility Licensure; Standards for Treatment of Certain Individuals; Licensure Renewal of Community Mental Health Centers by Deemed Status; Prohibition on Outsourcing and Privatizing State Psychiatric Hospitals; Client Assessment, Referral and Evaluation Program


S Sub. for HB 2008 Student Online Personal Protection Act; Student Data Privacy

S Sub. for HB 2049 Significantly Subaverage General Intellectual Functioning; Intellectual Disability

S Sub. for HB 2056 Sureties; Compensated Sureties; Applications; Authorization; Continuing Education; Bail Agents; Bail Enforcement Agents; Licensing; Regulation; Attorney General; Background Check; Expungement

S Sub. for HB 2088 Property Tax Lid

S Sub. for HB 2112 Kansas General Corporations Code

Sub. for HB 2151 Eyewitness Identification; Law Enforcement Agencies; Policies and Procedures; Secretary of Corrections; Community Parenting Release; Grand Juries; Instructions

S Sub. for HB 2156 Nongame and Endangered Species Act; Threatened Species; Endangered Species; Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism; Species Listing; Special Permits; Recovery Plans

HB 2163 Fire District; Audit; County Commissioners; Township

S Sub. for HB 2365 Nursing Facility Quality Care Assessment; Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

HB 2436 Sailboat; Boater Education; Instruction

HB 2446 Insurance; Kansas Automobile Injury Reparations Act; Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance; Property Damage Limits; Payment of Insurance Policy Proceeds by Cities and Counties; Lien on Insurance Proceeds

HB 2456 Barbering; Tanning Beds; Board of Barbering; Board of Cosmetology

HB 2460 Kansas Consumer Protection Act; Attorney General; Identity Theft; Identity Fraud; Holders of Personal Information; Wayne Owen Act; Violation of a Consumer Protection Order; Door-to-Door sale; Criminal Liability; Civil Forfeiture

HB 2462 Criminal Code; Possession of Marijuana; Theft; Burglary

HB 2463 Crimes and Sentencing; Decay of Juvenile Adjudications; Sanctions for Offenders Absconding from Supervision; Violations of the Kansas Offender Registration Act

Sub. for HB 2473 License Plate; Alzheimer’s Disease; Military Honors; Decal; Towing

HB 2490 Plant Pest and Agriculture Commodity Certification Act; Plant Pests; Plant Pest Containment; Kansas Department of Agriculture; Weights and Measures; Technical Representatives; Fees; Licenses

HB 2501 Unlawful Transmission of a Visual Depiction of a Child; Unlawful Possession of a Visual Depiction of a Child; Blackmail; Breach of Privacy; Sexual Exploitation of a Child; Kansas Offender Registration Act; Crime Committed with an Electronic Device

HB 2502 Concealed Carry; Air Guns; Active Duty Military Personnel; Public Employers and Employees; Public Buildings; Restricted Access Entrances; Adequate Security Measures

S Sub. for HB 2509 Economic Development; Fees

HB 2522 Driver’s License; Motorcycle; Motorized Bicycle

HB 2545 Arrest Warrants; Search Warrants; Affidavits; Sworn Testimony; Disclosure; Victim Notification; Privacy

HB 2563 Nonhighway Vehicle; Travel Trailer; Salvage Title

HB 2610 Highway; Interchange; Speed Limit

HB 2615 Charitable Healthcare; Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; Midwives; Acupuncture; Physical Therapy; Interstate Medical Licensure Compact; Board of Healing Arts; Board of Nursing; Independent Practice of Midwifery Act

HB 2617 Workers Compensation

HB 2622 Degree Prospectus; CLEP Credits; Postsecondary Career Technical Education; Performance-Based Incentive Funding; Fees Charged by the Kansas Board of Regents

HB 2632 Economic Development; STAR Bonds; Bioscience; Revenue; Sales Tax

HB 2696 University of Kansas Medical Center; University Police Officer Jurisdiction; Municipal Courts; Assessments; Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Fund; Vehicle Registration Fee Surcharges; Kansas Highway Patrol Staffing and Training Fund; Law Enforcement Training Center Fund

HB 2739 Performance Budgeting; Rainy Day Fund, Key Deposit Fund




H Sub. for SB 12 Sexually Violent Predators; Civil Commitment; Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act; Detention; Protective Orders; Costs; Proceedings; Trials; Rights; Filing Fees

SB 52 Water, Multi-year Flex Accounts; Local Enhanced Management Areas; Public Water Supply Storage

H Sub. for SB 91 Renewable Energy Standards Act; Property Tax Exemption

SB 101 Transportation Network Companies; Transportation Network Company Services; Regulation; Insurance

H Sub. for SB 112 Appropriations Bill Explainer

SB 113 Human Trafficking; Civil Cause of Action; Restitution; Commercial Sexual Exploitation of a Child; Kansas Code for Care of Children; Sexual Abuse

H Sub. for SB 117 Transportation Network Companies; Transportation Network Company Services; Regulation; Insurance

SB 127 Roads and Bridges; Commemorative Signage; Bridge Inspections

SB 154 Unemployment Insurance; Benefits; Employer

SB 189 Kansas Veterinary Practice Act; Veterinary Licenses; Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas; Kansas State University; Animal Welfare

SB 228 Bonds; KPERS

H Sub. for SB 270 Taxation


HB 2003 Annexation; Galena; Landfill

HB 2005 Judicial Branch FY 2016 and FY 2017 Appropriations; Judicial Branch Surcharge Extension; Electronic Filing and Management Fund; Docket Fee Fund; Dispositive Motion Filing Fee; Summary Judgment Filing Fee

HB 2013 CDL Testing Fee; Vehicle Registration Receipt

HB 2025 Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training; Peer Support Counseling

S Sub. for HB 2042 Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council; Robert G. (Bob) Bethell Joint Committee on Home and Community Based Services and KanCare Oversight; Membership; Meeting Days

S Sub. for HB 2043 Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services; 2012 Executive Reorganization Order No. 41; Criminal Background Check

HB 2044 Motor Vehicles; Autocycles; Safety Belts; Distinctive License Plates

HB 2048 Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act; Scrap Metal Theft; Scrap Metal Dealers; Dealer Registration; Scrap Metal Sales; Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Fee Fund; Attorney General; Scrap Metal Sales Database; Investigations; Civil Penalties; Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property; Criminal Procedures

HB 2051 Department of Corrections; Good Time; Program Credits; Immunity; Community Corrections; Risk Assessment

HB 2055 Battery Against a Law Enforcement Officer; Judges; Attorneys; Court Services Officers; Community Corrections Officers; Criminal History; Out-of-State Misdemeanor Classification; Mija Stockman’s Law; Aggravated Battery while DUI; Search Warrants—What Items May be Seized

HB 2061 Conservation Easements; Watershed

HB 2064 Insurance; Legal Services; Nonprofit Dental Service Corporations; Fraud; External Review; Accident and Sickness Insurance; Health Care Provider Insurance Availability Act

S Sub. for HB 2090 License Plate; Registration Decal; Apportioned Fleet Registration; Permanently Registered Vehicles; CDL Endorsements; Custom Harvester Length Limits

S Sub. for HB 2095 KPERS; Working After Retirement; Kansas Highway Patrol

S Sub. for HB 2101 Pensions; KP&F; Law Enforcement

HB 2104 Elections; Moving Election Dates; Local Elections; Cities; School Districts; Special Districts; Nonpartisan; Polling Places; City or Consolidated City-County Governing Body Vacancy; Ballots; Presidential Primary

S Sub. for HB 2109 Taxation

HB 2111 Courts; District Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction; County Law Libraries; Items Allowable as Costs; Judgment Dormancy; Debts Owed to Courts

S Sub. for HB 2124 Smoking Prohibition; Exemption for Research; Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement; Indian Tribes; Attorney General; Directory of Manufacturers and Brand Families; Annual Certification; Information Sharing; Director of Taxation; Secretary of Revenue; Criminal Penalties

S Sub. for HB 2135 State Budget

HB 2142 Taxation

S Sub. for HB 2149 Medicaid; Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board; Human Donor Breast Milk

HB 2154 Veterans; Employment Reinstatement; Private Veterans Preference; In-state Tuition; Military Spouse Licensure; Veterans Diversion; Military Families

S Sub. for HB 2155 Charitable Raffles; Charitable Bingo; Kansas Lottery Act

HB 2159 Driving Under the Influence; Ignition Interlock Devices

HB 2165 Municipality; Contract; Vacancy; Improvement District; Construction; Sewer System; County Commission; Annexation

S Sub. for Sub. HB 2170 Freedom from Unsafe Restraint and Seclusion Act; Students; Schools; Emergency Safety Intervention; Emergency Safety Intervention Task Force; Dispute Resolution; Complaint Process

HB 2223 Alcoholic Liquor; Infusing Alcohol; Citations for Violations of Liquor Laws; Liquor License Eligibility; Alcohol Sampling; Alcohol Consumption; Location of Certain Licensees; Temporary Permits; Farmers’ Market Sales Permits; Vineyard Permits; Alcohol on Capitol Premises; Alcohol on Unlicensed Premises; Powdered Alcohol

S Sub. for HB 2225 Medical Retainer Agreement; Kansas Healing Arts Act; Physician Assistant Licensure Act; Kansas Pharmacy Act; Controlled Substances Act; Do Not Resuscitate Directives Act; Licensure

HB 2233 Clean Power Plan; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Kansas Department of Health and Environment; Kansas Corporation Commission

HB 2256 Kansas Open Records Act (KORA); Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA); Enforcement; Attorney General; Exceptions; Municipal Judges; City Attorneys; Special Assistant City Attorneys; Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys; Special Assistant Attorneys General; Special Assistant County Attorneys; Special Assistant District Attorneys

S Sub. for HB 2281 Insurance; HMO Privilege Fees; KDHE; Medical Assistance Fee Fund; TANF Cash Assistance; ATM Transaction Limits; DCF

HB 2331 Firearms; Concealed Carry; Local Governments

HB 2352 Insurance; Autism Spectrum Disorder; employers; Kansas Automobile Injury Reparations Act; Financial Examinations; State High Risk Pool; Surplus Lines; SLIMPACT

S Sub. for HB 2353 Education; Appropriation; Employment

HB 2364 Improvement District; Sewer System; Sedgwick County; Sumner County

HB 2395 Capital Improvements; Bidding Process

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