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Conference Committee Report Briefs

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Briefs from 2022:


SB 2

Alcoholic liquor; cereal malt beverage; club; consumption; domestic fortified wine; domestic table wine; drink taxes; drinking establishment; farm winery; gallonage tax; Kansas Liquor Control Act; Kansas State Fair; permit; premises; public venue; retailer

H. Sub. for SB19

Living, Investing in Values, and Ending Suicide Act; 988 suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline; 988 fees; funding; 988 coordinating council; demand transfers; State General Fund

Sub. for SB 34

Public health; contagious or infectious diseases; Kansas Emergency Management Act; face mask requirements; vaccination passports; Secretary of Health and Environment; Kansas Department of Health and Environment; local health officers; inoculation certification; adult care homes; medical care facilities

SB 58

Education; Parents' Bill of Rights; school districts; schools

SB 62

Education; vision screenings; Kansas Children's Vision Health and School Readiness Commission; Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Department for Children and Families; licensure; interpreters; rules and regulations

H Sub. for Sub. SB 84

(Passed April 1) Sports; gambling; electronic gaming machines; betting; wagering; racetracks; lottery; lottery retailer; Kansas Lottery Act; Kansas Expanded Lottery Act; Problem Gambling and Addictions Grant Fund; White Collar crime Fund; historical horse racing; Attracting Professional Sports to Kansas Fund

H Sub. for Sub. SB 84

(Passed April 28) Sports; gambling; electronic gaming machines; betting; wagering; racetracks; lottery; lottery retailer; Kansas Lottery Act; Kansas Expanded Lottery Act; problem gambling and addictions grant fund; white collar crime fund; historical horse racing; attracting professional sports to Kansas fund

H Sub. for SB 91

Work-based learning programs; liability; school districts; education

SB 160

Fairness in Women's Sports Act; sports; athletics; education; elementary schools; secondary schools; postsecondary educational institutions; transgender; sex

SB 200

Pharmacy Act of the State of Kansas; Collaborative Drug Therapy Management Advisory Committee; health conditions; K-TRACS; Prescription Monitoring Program Act; Prescription Monitoring Program; State Board of Pharmacy; State Board of Pharmacy Fee Fund; pharmacy; prescriptions

SB 215

Department of Revenue; State Board of Regents; community college; driver's education; state safety fund; transportation network company; school; school district; contract; insurance

SB 261

Food labeling; meat analog; identifiable meat terms; imitation

H Sub. for Sub. SB 267

FY 2022 and FY 2023 state agency budgets and capital improvements; state finance; claims against the State

H Sub. for Sub. SB 286

Governmental response to COVID-19; telemedicine; hospital beds; health care provider immunity; pandemic; crimes; interference with the conduct of a hospital; battery against a healthcare provider

SB 313

Autonomous vehicle; automated driving; vehicle insurance; crash reports; advisory committee

SB 331

Credit card surcharge; prohibition; repeal; disclosure

SB 343

Hearing loss; statutory terminology; children; families; blindness; parental rights

SB 366

Kansas Offender Registration Act; drug offenders; relief from registration requirements; expungement; judiciary; breach of privacy; internet trading in child pornography

SB 408

Crimes; punishment; theft; mail; appellate court; criminal history; prejudicial error; illegal sentences; criminal procedure; supervision consolidation; Kansas Department of Corrections; Office of Judicial Administration; certified drug abuse treatment programs; SB 123 Program; Kansas Sentencing Commission; community corrections; transfer of duties; burglary

SB 421

Retirement; appropriations; revenue transfer; unfunded actuarial liability; State Finance Council

SB 446

Driver's license; worship services; teen driver; nondriver's identification card

SB 453

Adult care homes; home health; unlicensed employees; certified nurse aide training; hospitals; hospices; Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly; Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; licensure; clinical social worker; psychologist

Sub. for SB 563

Redistricting; apple; free state; liberty; house districts; senate districts; State Board of Education districts


HB 2005

Water supply boiler; water heater; Kansas Boiler Safety Act; elevators; Elevator Safety Act; Elevator Safety Advisory Board; Safety Fee Fund; State Fire Marshal; licensure; inspection; mechanics

S Sub. for HB 2056

Elections; advanced voting ballots; deadlines; ballot box; monitoring

HB 2087

Administrative rules and regulations; joint committee; review of rules and regulations; reporting requirements; Director of the Budget; Secretary of Administration; Attorney General; Legislative Division of Post Audit; economic impact statement

HB 2106

Taxation; sales tax; food sales tax; food sales tax credit

HB 2109

Charitable Privacy Act; nonprofit organizations; personal information; confidentiality; Kansas Open Records Act; exceptions

HB 2136

Taxation; sales tax; Atchison County; estimated payments; COVID-19 Retail Storefront Property Tax Relief Act

S Sub. for HB 2138

Elections; voter registration; audits; election procedures; abstracts; poll agents; watermark; voting systems; electronic poll books; ballot transfer; Secretary of State

HB 2237

Economic development; housing; childcare; rural

S Sub. for HB 2239

Taxation; income tax; property tax; sales tax; credits; exemptions; local sales tax

S Sub. for HB 2252

Elections; election laws; Legislative Coordinating Council; legislative branch; executive branch; judicial branch

HB 2299

Law enforcement; criminal history record information; fingerprints; rap back programs; Kansas Bureau of Investigation; surveillance; real property; Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks; warrants; law enforcement officers; jurisdiction; criminal history record information, fingerprints; Rap Back programs; Kansas Bureau of Investigation; Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children; child in need of care; Department for Children and Families; law enforcement agencies; investigation; exchange of information; confidentiality

S Sub. for HB 2361

Drug court; mental health court; specialty courts; veterans court; Douglas County law library; board of trustees

HB 2377

Crimes; operating an aircraft under the influence; driving under the influence; penalties; testing; driving restrictions; Kansas Highway Patrol; commercial driver's licenses; disqualification; prosecutors; prohibited masking of violations; Division of Vehicles

HB 2387

Kansas Emergency Management Act; Governor; religious service or worship service; medical assistance program; contracts; managed care organizations

S Sub. for HB 2448

Food assistance; work requirement

HB 2456

Wildlife and parks; licenses; Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks; Secretary of Wildlife and Parks

HB 2466

Education; Promoting Advancement in Computing Knowledge Act; Computer Science Pre-Service Educator Program; computer science; State Board of Education; Kansas Board of Regents; career technical education; school districts; pilot program; Secondary Career Technical Education Credentialing and Student Transitioning to Employment Pilot Program

HB 2476

License plate; Silver Star medal; Bronze Star medal; Wildlife and Parks; hunting; fishing; vehicle; Daughters of the American Revolution; City of Hutchinson; Hutch Rec Foundation; county designation; veteran; physical disability

HB 2478

Highway; veterans; memorial; bridge

HB 2508

Drug paraphernalia; Kansas Criminal Code; possession; criminal procedure; preliminary examination; two-way electronic audio-video communication; forfeiture of appearance bonds; set aside; arrest; warrants; abuse of a child; elements; penalties; competency to stand trial; evaluation; location; treatment; medications

HB 2510

FY 2022 and FY 2023 state agency budgets and capital improvements; state finance; omnibus appropriations bill

HB 2540

Uniform Controlled Substances Act; controlled substances; schedule; drugs; substances; U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration; U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Kansas Criminal Code

HB 2559

Kansas Cotton Boll Weevil Act; Kansas Cotton Boll Weevil Program; Board of Directors of the Kansas Cotton Boll Weevil Program; cotton; agriculture; pests; assessments; industrial hemp; seeds; plants; labeling; registrations; inspections; testing; Kansas Department of Agriculture

S Sub. for HB 2567

Education; Kansas School Equity and Enhancement Act; federal impact aid; K-12; local foundation aid; Fort Leavenworth USD 207; virtual school students; capital improvement state aid; general obligation bond; virtual school graduation rates; virtual state aid; enrollment; virtual diploma completion; assessments; part-time enrollment; Kansas State High School Activities Association; Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship; Every Child Can Read Act; school district accountability reports; alternative educational opportunities

HB 2595

Transportation; antique vehicle; bill of sale; vehicle inspection

HB 2703

Labor; unemployment; My Reemployment Plan; tax credits; targeted employment; developmental disabilities

HCR 5022

Sheriff; elections; Kansas Constitution

Special Session 2021:

HB 2001

COVID-19 vaccines; exemptions; violations; Secretary of Labor; Attorney General; Employment Security Law; eligibility

Briefs from 2021:


SB 26

Kansas Corporation Commission; motor carriers; service of orders

SB 29

Insurance; health insurance; short-term limited-duration health plans; specially designed policies; policy period extension; renewal

SB 36

Vehicle; salvage vehicle; VIN inspection; vehicle title; towing; notification

SB 38

Agriculture; conservation; environment; pesticide; pesticide waste; Kansas Department of Agriculture

SB 40

Kansas Emergency Management Act; Legislative Coordinating Council; Secretary of Health and Environment; local health officers; local school boards; community colleges; state of disaster declaration; executive orders; extension of COVID-19 state of disaster emergency

SB 47

Taxation; tax preparers; income tax; withholding requirements; fraud; tax credits; Eisenhower Foundation; Friends of Cedar Crest Association; Single City Port Authority Tax Credit; Rural Opportunity Zones; Kansas Income Tax Act

SB 55

Education; athletics; transgender; elementary schools; secondary schools; postsecondary educational institutions; sex

SB 60

Criminal procedure; jurisdiction; proximate result; crimes; sexual extortion; offender registration; sexual battery; spousal exception; punishment; psychiatric or psychological examination; victim; fleeing or attempting to elude; motor vehicle theft

SB 67

Funeral procession; funeral escort; traffic safety; right of way; utilities; telecommunications; Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways; move over law

SB 78

Insurance; Automobile Club Services Act; Insurance Holding Company Act; Professional Employer Registration Organization Act; Standard Nonforfeiture Law; Utilization Review Organization Act; Health Care Provider Insurance Availability Act; Health Care Stabilization Fund; Health Care Stabilization Fund Board of Governors; professional liability insurance; NAIC Reinsurance Model Regulation; reinsurance; risk retention groups; risk-based capital instructions

SB 86

Financial institutions; linked and loan deposit programs; Kansas Extraordinary Utility Costs Loan Deposit Program; State Treasurer; weather event

SB 95

Vehicle; odometer; All-terrain vehicle; recreational off-highway vehicle; off-highway vehicle

SB 103

Power of attorney; third-person liability

SB 106

Uniform laws; notarial acts; remote notarization; Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts

SB 107

Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act; uniform laws; Uniform Principal and Income Act; fiduciary duties; trusts

SB 122

Civil procedure; rules of evidence; authentication

SB 127

Driver's license; CDL; notices; fees

SB 142

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism; personal flotation device; parks and recreation; wildlife; fish; commercialization of wildlife; American Fisheries Society

SB 143

Kansas Department of Agriculture; grain warehouses; inspections; fees

SB 159

Budget; State Finance; Omnibus Appropriation Bill; and Claims Against the State

SB 170

Behavioral sciences; Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; psychology; licensure; Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact; telepsychology; temporary in-person, face-to-face psychology; physical therapy; Physical Therapy Licensure Compact; interstate practice authority; criminal history record check; disciplinary action; Physical Therapy Practice Act

Sub. for
SB 238

Pharmacy Act of the State of Kansas; powers, duties, and functions of the State Board of Pharmacy; confidentiality of investigations, inspections, and audits; licensing; registration and permitting requirements; exhibition of titles; fees; prescription orders; telepharmacy; rules and regulations

SB 273

COVID-19; COVID-19 Small Business Relief Act; COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund; COVID-19 Small Business Relief Board


HB 2021

Veterans home; bonding authority; KDFA; State Board of Regents; higher education; scholarships

HB 2022

Abandoned well; Kansas Corporation Commission; well plugging

HB 2026

Crimes; diversion; supervision; parole; probation; community corrections; court services; sentencing; riot; incitement to riot; electronic monitoring equipment; tampering; drug abuse treatment program; 2003 SB 123 program; Kansas Sentencing Commission; risk level

HB 2039

Education; American civics test; graduation requirements; personal financial literacy

HB 2064

Kansas Promise Scholarship Act; post-secondary institutions; community colleges; Kansas Board of Regents

S Sub. for
HB 2074

Financial institutions; Technology-enabled Fiduciary Financial Institutions Act; Office of the State Bank Commissioner; State Banking Board; Department of Commerce; economic growth zone; Technology-enabled Fiduciary Financial Institutions Development and Expansion Fund

HB 2077

Kansas Criminal Justice Reform Commission; public defender; Kansas Closed Case Task Force; membership; deadlines; legislative staff; Crime Victims Compensation Board; child witnesses; child victims; claim filing deadline

HB 2079

Attorney General; Secretary of State; Safe at Home program; Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act; Charitable Organizations Fee Fund; Kansas Fights Addiction Act; opioid litigation; Kansas Fights Addiction Fund; Prescription Monitoring Program Fund; K-TRACS; Kansas Fights Addiction Grant Review Board; substance abuse or addiction; grants; Sunflower Foundation; human trafficking; notice

S Sub. for
HB 2104

Taxation; property tax; judicial review; Board of Tax Appeals; property valuation

HB 2114

Kansas Senior Care Task Force; establishment; elder and dependent abuse; multidisciplinary team coordinator; multidisciplinary teams; Attorney General; Department for Children and Families; adult protective services; mandatory reporters; financial exploitation

HB 2121

Crimes; criminal procedure; mistreatment of a dependent adult or elder person; resident of adult care home; penalties; abscond from supervision; community corrections; court services; parole; parole officer; postrelease supervision; sureties; appearance bond; arrest and delivery; county where delivered; driver's license; identification certificate

HB 2134

Education; appropriations; tax credit for low income students scholarship; at-risk services; dual enrollment; foster care report card; high-density at-risk weighting; remote learning; school finance; dyslexia

HB 2137

Liquor Control Act: Club and Drinking Establishment Act; law enforcement officer; licenses, alcoholic liquor; cereal malt beverage; common consumption area; liquor-by-the-drink license; off-premises; retail liquor licensee; farm wineries; special order shipping license; residency; alcoholic liquor manufacturers; drinking establishment licenses; Cereal Malt Beverage Act; cereal malt beverage; administrative orders; Sunday liquor sales holiday liquor sales; alcoholic liquor retail; liquor licensing; class A clubs; ABC; commerce; mixed alcoholic beverage; pitcher

HB 2143

Taxation; sales tax; sales price; exemptions; retailers

HB 2158

Child death review board; Adrian's law; Joint Committee on Child Welfare System Oversight; Child care assistance eligibility 20-hour-per-week requirement; DCF license exemption; Former foster care youth with juvenile adjudications

Sub. for
HB 2166

Distinctive license plates; motor vehicles; royalty fee

S Sub. for HB 2183

Elections; Secretary of State; advance mail ballots; registered voter information

S Sub. for Sub. for
HB 2196

Unemployment compensation Department of Labor; Department of Commerce; unemployment insurance; UI Trust Fund; information technology; state finances; modernization; benefits; fraud protection; shared work program; identity theft

S Sub. for
HB 2208

Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; State Board of Healing Arts; telemedicine; licensure; disciplinary action; temporary permits; professional counselors; social workers; marriage and family therapists; addiction counselors; psychologists; physicians; certified community behavioral health clinics; community mental health centers; certification; mental health services; substance use services; rules and regulations; Kansas Medical Facilities Survey and Construction Act; Rural Hospital Innovation Grant Program; Rural Hospital Innovation Grant Fund

HB 2218

Boards, committees, and commissions; State Employees Health Care Commission membership

HB 2243

Retirement; actuarial experience study; allotment; DROP; Group Insurance Reserve Fund; Kansas Deferred Retirement Option Program Act; KPERS Board of Trustees; KPERS Death and Disability program; state budget; CARES Act; SECURE Act

HB 2244

Commercial Industrial Hemp Act; industrial hemp; industrial hemp processors; hemp products; Kansas Department of Agriculture; State Fire Marshal; fingerprinting; state and national criminal history record check; fees; rules and regulations

HB 2313

Taxation; property tax; Board of Tax Appeals; National Guard; motor vehicle property tax; disaster declarations; Legislative Division of Post Audit

HB 2332

Advanced voting ballots; election laws; Secretary of State; election tampering; temporary vacancy; military service; state and local government

HB 2390

Kansas Open Records Act; exceptions; review; permanency; cybersecurity; public employees; home address or ownership; personal property; real property; fraudulent liens; criminal penalties

HB 2405


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