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Briefs from 2023:


SB 8

Taxation; income tax; sales tax; property tax; personal property filings; withholding penalties; homestead program; government competition; salt parity act; property valuation; revenue neutral rate; reimbursement; hearing notices; valuation appeals; sales tax exemption; agritourism; land classification; agricultural land; adverse influences; net operating losses; manufacturer's coupons; pregnancy resource act; adoption tax credit; employment tax credits disallowances; disability employment act

SB 17

Housing; economic development; residential housing; reinvestment housing incentive districts; Kansas Investor Tax Credit Act; transferability of credits; retaliatory taxes

SB 26

Kansas Child Mutilation Prevention Act; gender reassignment services; civil cause of action; statute of limitations; State Board of Healing Arts; physician licensure revocation

House Sub. for SB 42

Hospital district board; board membership; county

SB 66

Education; interstate compact; teacher licensure; occupational licenses; license verification; electronic credentials; electronic credential system; secretary of administration

House Sub. for SB 83

Education; appropriations; Kansas Education Enrichment Program Act; KEEP; awards and grants; qualified students; special education funding; special education and related services task force; State Treasurer

SB 85

Insurance; Kansas Travel Insurance Act; licensure and registration; limited lines travel insurance; travel protection plans; limited lines travel insurance producers; travel retailers; travel administrators; health care; Kansas State Employees Health Care Commission; long-term care insurance; indemnity insurance; cafeteria benefits

SB 106

Reconcile; reconciliation bill

House Sub. for SB 113

Appropriations; K-12 budget; school districts; students; special education task force; open enrollment; 20 mill levy extension; school district cost-of-living adjustment; Kansas School Equity and Enhancement Act; low-income student scholarships; high density at-risk; sunset

House Sub. for SB 116

Personal and Family Protection Act; concealed carry; permit; fee; Attorney General

SB 119

Insurance; insurance company; Kansas Department of Insurance; health maintenance organizations; medicare provider organizations; certificates of authority; risk-based capital; NAIC; reporting; penalties; Commissioner of Insurance

SB 123

Education; post secondary education; military; veterans; Kansas Promise Scholarship Act; adult learners; Kansas Adult Learner Grant Act; grants; scholarships; residency

SB 131

State Board of Healing Arts; sports waiver; vaccine; pharmacy act; health; physician; health care services; pharmacy technician; pharmacist; vaccine; Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; addiction counselor; behavior analyst; community-based licensure; marriage and family therapist; professional counselor; psychologist; social worker

House Sub. for SB 169

Taxation; income tax; brackets; privilege tax; surtax; rates; Social Security benefits; phase out; sales tax; food sales tax; food sales tax credit; State Highway Fund; property tax; mill levies; school finance; exemption

SB 174

Crimes and punishment; battery against a healthcare provider; fentanyl; drug manufacture; drug paraphernalia; fentanyl test; fentanyl-related controlled substances; special sentencing rule; distribution of fentanyl; burglary; aggravated burglary; domestic battery; protection order; fleeing from a law enforcement officer; interference with law enforcement; county attorney; district attorney; Attorney General; prosecution; two or more counties

SB 189

Law enforcement agencies; law enforcement officer; files; information sharing; applicants; employment

SB 217

Protection from abuse act; Kansas family law code; stalking; electronic tracking; revised Kansas code for care of children

SB 221

Elections; write-in candidates; affidavits; ballots; advance voting; advance voting ballots; voting equipment; election officer; election procedures

SB 228

County jails; medical care; Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services; reimbursement of costs; competency evaluation and treatment

House Sub. for SB 229

Legislative compensation; Legislature; Legislative Compensation Commission; elected official compensation; judge and justice pay


HB 2002

Taxation; sales tax; food and food ingredients; exemption; food sales tax credit

HB 2014

State Fire Marshal; National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors; chief inspector; deputy inspector; boilers; qualifications; boiler safety act; emergency medical services; instructor-coordinator; certification; Kansas Emergency Medical Service Board; Kansas Academy of Physician Assistants; Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant; American Medical Association; American Board of Medical Examiners; physician assistant

HB 2015

Court order; infectious disease testing; employees; employers

HB 2019

Information technology; oversight; joint committee on information technology; projects; information technology executive council; cybersecurity; incident reporting

HB 2020

Employment status; transportation network companies; motor carriers; safety; regulation

HB 2021

Evidence-based program accounts; juvenile justice; behavioral health crisis

HB 2024

Newborn Infant Protection Act; Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children; child abuse; foster care bill of rights; child in need of care; Indian Child Welfare Act

HB 2039

Hunting and fishing licenses; disabled veterans; Kansas department of wildlife and parks; state parks; Leigh Portland state park; Allen county

Senate Sub. for HB 2058

Gaming; gaming compact; sports wagering; State Racing Fund; Kansas Lottery; Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission; State Gaming Agency

HB 2059

Sample; alcohol; wine; cereal malt beverage; Kansas Cereal Malt Beverage Act; CMB; spirits; beer; drinking establishment; distributor; remittance; gallonage; tax; special order shipper; common consumption area; roadway; Sunday sales; food sales requirement; microbreweries; dogs; food establishments; Kansas Food Code; Department of Agriculture; Department of Revenue

Senate Sub. for HB 2060

Medical Student Loan Program; mental health; OBGYN medical loan repayment fund; osteopathic medical service scholarship; residency training program; service commitment area; University of Kansas School of Medicine; postsecondary educational institutions; high school equivalency credentials; general educational development; AO-K; driver training

HB 2065

Divorce; name change; former name

HB 2090

Insurance; surplus lines; premium tax receipts; prepaid service plans; fees; Uniform Agents Licensure Act; Public Adjusters Licensing Act; Kansas Insurance Department; Insurance Commissioner

HB 2093

Insurance; group-funded pools refund fund; group-funded insurance pools; group-funded pools; transfer of fund balances; refunds; repeal; premium tax collection; line of duty death; firefighters; continuation of coverage; COBRA premiums; fire districts

HB 2094

Public assistance; child care assistance; non-cooperation with child support; disqualifications; child care subsidy; food assistance; supplemental nutrition assistance program; work registrants; employment and training program

HB 2100

Pensions; KPERS or Retirement System; KPERS Board of Trustees; Kansas Public Investments and Contracts Protection Act; state agencies; political subdivisions; proxy votes; reporting; Attorney General; Joint Committee on Pensions, Investments and Benefits

HB 2130

Kansas probate code; transfer-on-death deed; probate hearing

HB 2131

Judicial Council; mission; administration of justice; State General Fund; docket fees; Judicial Council Fund; Publications Fee Fund

Senate Sub. for HB 2138

Education; schools; Kansas State Board of Education; school sponsored travel; accommodations; school districts; disorganized school district; school buildings; administrative review; KSHSAA; contracts; exclusive agreements; broadcasts; postseason activities

HB 2147

Motor vehicles; abandoned vehicles; towed vehicles; vehicle title; airbag; counterfeit; consumer protection; vehicle lights; ground effect lighting; uniform act regulating traffic on highways

Senate Sub. for HB 2170

Donor intention protection act; philanthropic gifts; donor-imposed restrictions; charitable organizations; endowment funds

HB 2196

Retirement System; KP&F employers; DROP; KP&F affiliation; Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks; natural resource officers; law enforcement

HB 2216

Driver's license; suspension; revocation; failure to appear; fines; traffic citation

HB 2234

Film production; digital media; economic development; tax credits; income tax; sales tax exemptions; department of commerce; workforce development; scholarships; postsecondary education; Kansas film and digital media production development act

HB 2264

Abortion; dismemberment abortion; medical emergency; women's health care; contraception; mifepristone; informed consent; Woman's-Right-to-Know Act; Kansas Department of Health and Environment

HB 2279

Water; Kansas Groundwater Management District Act; groundwater management district; boards; annual report; priority areas of concern; conservation; reduced consumptive use; aquifer conditions; Chief Engineer; Kansas Water Authority; Division of Water Resources; Department of Agriculture; Kansas Geological Survey

HB 2285

Kansas Department of Health and Environment; drugs; drug overdoses; public health; isolation; quarantine; local health officer; infectious or contagious disease; immunization; vaccination; covid-19 vaccination; child care facilities; schools; preschools; day care program; Secretary of Health and Environment

HB 2292

Kansas Apprenticeship Act; workforce development; economic development; tax credits; grant programs; higher education; Kansas Department of Commerce; engineering; Engineering Graduate Incentive Fund

HB 2298

Memorial highway; department of transportation; signage

Senate Sub. for HB 2302

Water; State Water Plan Fund; State Water Plan; water infrastructure projects; water technical assistance fund; Water Projects Grant Fund; rules and regulations; Kansas Water Office; Kansas Water Authority; Kansas Department of Health and Environment; municipalities; national parks; stockwater; water supply storage debt; Milford Reservoir; Perry Reservoir

HB 2335

Railroad; fund; track maintenance; rail service improvement fund

HB 2336

Bonding authority; Topeka; airport; surplus property and public airport authority act; state construction projects; professional services; cost thresholds

HB 2346

License plate; distinctive license plate; personalized license plate; Back the Blue; City of Topeka; motor vehicles; fees

HB 2350

Crimes; human smuggling; Kansas criminal code

Senate Sub. for HB 2390

Drugs; drug overdose; Kansas Department of Health and Environment; public health; isolation; quarantine; local health officer; infectious or contagious disease; immunizations; vaccinations; COVID-19 vaccination; child care facilities; schools; preschools; day care program; Secretary of Health and Environment; vaccine exemptions; meningitis

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