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Rules and Regulations - 2022 HB 2087 Reports

2022 HB 2087 (KSA 77-440) Reports

As enacted in 2022 HB 2087, KSA 77-440 requires all rules and regulations adopted by state agencies to be reviewed every five years. It also directs each state agency that has adopted rules and regulations to submit a report to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations (JCARR) on or before July 15 of a year assigned to that agency as detailed in the statute. The statute requires a statement for each rule and regulation as to whether such rule and regulation is necessary for the implementation and administration of state law or may be revoked.

The specific questions for agencies as approved by the JCARR are printed at the top of each spreadsheet submitted by an agency. Submission column widths were adjusted and spelling was corrected; any further change is marked with "KLRD Note."

The specific questions also are printed at the top of two summary spreadsheets. One summarizes short answers about the necessity of the rule and regulation, the potential for revocation, and any ties to federal funding. The other summarizes answers to an open-ended question on how revocation would affect Kansans and additional information necessary to understanding the necessity of the rule and regulation.

As directed by the JCARR, also provided is a list of statutes authorizing promulgation of administrative rules and regulations, as contained in the rule and regulation database maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State as of January 2023, with the date of enactment, date of most recent amendment, and status for each.

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